In addition to acting for clients in all private law matters, Mrs König concentrates on the following:

Contract law

  • Defects liability
  • Purchase contracts
  • Legal representation in all issues of purchase
  • Dept collection procedures

Family law

  • Separation settlements
  • Calculation of support payments
  • Child custody
  • Visiting rights
  • Division of household effects
  • Equalization of accrued assets
  • Options for the equalization of pension rights
  • Divorce settlements
  • Support for parents

Succession law

  • Advice on drawing up a will
  • Forms of agreements to hand over property
  • Contracts of inheritance
  • Compulsory share of estate
  • Applications for an inheritance certificate
  • Wills for disabled people
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice on all matters relating to (deceased’s) estate
  • Representing heirs for the distribution of the estate
Merle König

Merle König
born on 25.08.1993 in Bielefeld


2012 - 2018 Read law at Leibniz Universität Hannover
2018 Graduated with 1st state law qualification
2019 - 2021 Further legal training (Referendariat) in the jurisdiction of Paderborn

Graduated with 2nd state law qualification and admitted to the practice of law,
Lawyer at Dr. Foerster, Wiesner & Colleagues


Specialist lawyer course Family law


Specialist lawyer cousre inheritance law



Legal fields:
contract law, family law, inheritance law