In addition to acting for clients in all private law matters, Mr Knöllner concentrates on the following:

Employment law

  • Action against unlawful dismissal
  • Representation at all industrial tribunals
  • Warnings under employment law
  • Design of employment contracts
  • Vacation rights
  • Severe disability
  • Works agreements
  • Social plans
  • Dismissal for operational reasons
  • Dismissal due to personal behaviour and attitudes
  • Employer’s right to issue instructions
  • Transferring staff to other jobs

Insurance Law

  • Claims settlement in all major lines of insurance (household insurance, liability insurance, building insurance, comprehensive insurance etc.)
  • Assertation of damage claims (Regress)
  • Legal representation in all insurance-related litigations

Succession law

  • Advice on drawing up a will
  • Forms of agreements to hand over property
  • Contracts of inheritance
  • Compulsory share of estate
  • Applications for an inheritance certificate
  • Wills for disabled people
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice on all matters relating to (deceased’s) estate
  • Representing heirs for the distribution of the estate
Stefan Knöllner

Stefan Knöllner
Certified Specialist for insurance and employment law
born on 25.10.1961 in Detmold
married, 4 children


1987 Graduated with 1st state law qualification,  Philipps-University in Marburg
1992 Graduated with 2nd state law qualification
1996 Addmitted as a Certified Specialist for employment law
2006 Addmitted as a Certified Specialist for insurance law


Legal Fields:
Employment law, Insurance law, Succession law